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As someone in her 30's it's honestly one of the most wild experiences having anybody call me bro when they are speaking to me. 

I am officially going to sound old saying this but there is a severe attitude problem with the newest generation of workers. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of really great people who have raised their children to still behave in a respectful manner to other human beings. But there are far too many people working now that think they are doing people a favour by doing their actual job. What has happened to customer service?

Just like most of us today living in the fast paced world I pay membership fees to be able to access services like fast food delivery, grocery delivery and supplies from places like hardware stores etc. Its wonderful to be able to send family or friends far away special treats or things they need because the service is available.

I do enjoy picking out my own fruit and vegetables in person because I have learned when ordering groceries you only order solid boxed or heavily packaged items. I know this because every time I get my groceries my bananas have been mashed inside the peels for me and eggs scrambled inside the shells. Half my stuff ends up being pulverized so I am pretty picky with which places I do end up shopping from with a service.

Now, I can tolerate a broken egg here or there and perhaps maybe the wrong item purchased. Human error is inevitable.  What I can't deal with is impatient shoppers that have the audacity to take my tip money and give me an attitude like I am inconveniencing them for doing their job. All while they are smashing my groceries around in their cart doing four shopping trips at once. 

Today I just had the most ridiculous experience, one that is all too common now. This young shopper is getting all my items wrong. I know he's young because of the way he's talking to me and also because of his young face in the picture appearing in our conversation. Replacing the things I want with items that are double the price. (We're in a recession here people! I can only sell so many Christmas ornaments at a time!) Then when I asked him to stop refunding my items he can't find and give me an option he told me to "just wait" which was already triggering to me because I knew what this meant...extra squished bread was on the way. I waited a good ten minutes and asked if everything was ok. I did this because it has been my experience that if they tell you to wait...they quickly check out with no option for you to be able to have a choice. Game on sneaky shopper... Well, I guess I set him off by asking if everything was ok. I will insert a screen shot here of what happened next.

Did he just call me bro?! TWICE?! The attitude that I am inconveniencing him because he picked multiple orders and I dare to ask for an alternate option since he was refunding my items was too much for my new friend. I want you to know the item he refunded here was a whole chicken, it's going to make a few meals for my family! The most essential item in the whole order. He then proceeded to send me multiple photos of massive frozen turkeys. WHAT?! 

No tip for you my friend. I called customer service and thankfully they were really helpful. They are also SO frustrated by the lack of respect towards the customers. Thankfully customer service was able to have the order dropped and redone. Magically all the items my young friend was refunding appeared in the store by the next shopper. 

My point here is that we all have jobs to do and we all have people to deal with that we don't want to sometimes. There has to be a little bit of respect for the customer but also for yourself. I learned from a young age that you have to take pride in what you are doing even if it's the worst job you have ever had. 

Owning a small business has given me a sense of control in being in charge of the items I put out. It is so important to me that my customers are always feeling good about their purchase. I would hate for anybody to spend their hard earned money on something that made them feel disappointed or that they were not valued as a customer.

We work hard for our money and I really want to be able to give you great customer service as well as products you will enjoy that will last.

I am happy to introduce to you the Christmas Eve Package I have put together this year for all the special little people in your life. I really took into consideration during these hard times what I could do to create a special package for an affordable price. I will put the link below for the package.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon.

Love Naty

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  • The audacity! I’m so glad that my customer service experience with Love Naty Designs has only ever been exquisite! Keep sending those love letters ….. bro.


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