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What Assuming Really Means

Starting a small business would be an easy fun side job that created some much needed income. Here is list of the delusional thoughts I had for what was involved:

1. Making things - this would come easy and creating new items would just naturally appear.

2. Knowing how to properly ship and package my items would be a breeze.

3. Assume that I could literally make anything and I would wake up with a bright new idea that would sell and make hundreds of dollars each time.

My dad used to say..."When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me". I stand before you writing this wearing my very well deserved ass hat.

When I took the plunge and said yes to Love Naty Designs I felt so motivated and inspired. You couldn't have convinced me this would be challenging in any way. I can do anything, I am the boss...ideas flow through me. I make my hours. My busy hands won't be able to make things fast enough. I would be like the Taylor Swift of crafting. I had no idea how humbled I was about to become.

I had a presale of items that did well through friends and family. A soft launch into my new future. It went so well that I felt confident about the official launch of my website.

The grand opening of my online store came quickly. My heart was pounding. My confidence was at an unhealthy level. A little dot shows up each time a new person enters your shop. I counted 3, 4, 8 people. 10 dots...15 dots...I was literally so excited I was giving myself anxiety. All I could hear was the cha-ching sounds of all that money I was about to make. This was it, my moment. I'm starting an empire.

A few minutes later I assumed my website was broken. The little counter that says if somebody has added something to their cart was at 0. The little people dots were also very quickly disappearing. If we were in a brick and mortar shop I would be the lady yelling "I think you forgot something" to each person that was leaving. I went from excited to nauseous in the blink of an eye. I swallowed a big pill of reality that people were not buying what I was putting out. 

Over the next few months of this same situation happening I realized how many people were actually making the same things. I was in fact not the only person with this great idea. I had to pivot my thinking and start creating items that people could use in their every day life. 

I had to stop assuming that what I was making was something that everybody needed and expand outward from just making paper flower frames. Once I started to invest money back into my business I saw that this was a long term game. There is no such thing as a get rich quick situation. 

My take away from this is that anything worth doing takes time, a lot of hard work, and all effort. Shipping will always be a nightmare (if you own a small business I know you feel this in your soul haha). Lastly creating new items and having a schedule of items to post will save your life and sanity. I personally want to thank every single customer that has come into my shop who has purchased an item. I also want to thank the small group of people who keep buying things they don't need, I love you!

See you soon....Christmas is coming!

Love Naty

Ps I would love your feedback in the comment section below!



  • I really love how vulnerable you are being sharing these moments. Looking forward to following along your blog journey!

  • I just love how relatable you are through your writing!!! I can’t wait to keep reading and keep following along on your journey. Keep growing girl!

  • It’s amazing how much we learn through trial and error. Sometimes these hiccups are what we need for our major breakthrough! Keep going Nat, I love all the products I order and I can’t wait for my class set of custom Christmas ornaments this year!


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