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Solar Eclipse...Love Naty's Version

Today is Saturday April 6th 2024 and in two days from now the sky is going to fall. Ok, no it's not...but when you try to manage everything down to the way you blink in life to manage your anxiety it sure feels like it is! If you want, you can just call me Chicken Little.

A few years ago we had a cool sciencey moment that everybody was in awe over when we had a partial solar eclipse. People gathered near and far to watch this magic in the sky. I on the other hand was peeking through my blinds trying not to act insane in front of my child while the world went freakishly grey and bland looking for all of a few minutes. My anxiety was not a fan.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would learn we would soon be experiencing another version of my living day-time nightmare! A total solar eclipse!

From my extensive Tik Tok research dooms day consists of the sky becoming pitch the middle of the event that is supposed to take four hours start to finish. I hope you can imagine the disgusting look on my anxious face to learn that the sun will be covered up by the entire moon. I can't for the life of me get on board with everybody's excitement. 

People are travelling across the country, even crossing the state lines to be here for this once in a life time watch the sun disappear for up to four minutes. Niagara Falls is declaring a state of emergency as it prepares for over a million people to attend, people are buying special glasses like a sea of sun attracted fish, and there are warnings everywhere about burning your retinas if you look at it even when its dark. I feel almost justified for how unwell this is all making me feel but I am really putting on a brave face here, especially for my teenager.

I have spent the last few weeks actively planning on how I will cope as the dark sky of terror approaches but then this morning I woke up and realized...I'm thinking of this as the apocalypse and not simply just the sun and the moon crossing paths. 

Maybe, I'm the black hole of doom. Sucking all the fun out everything with my 5000 "what if" questions. Maybe we just have to let the sun and the moon do their thing and enjoy this really cool space experiment. Maybe I will just turn on Taylor Swifts Era's Tour on Disney Plus and watch it one and a half times.

So on Monday, where ever you are, I hope you enjoy your golden ring of flaming science and I don't want to hear one complaint about the thousand new species of bugs that will emerge from the ground because of this "historical event". You better enjoy every single dark second of this. I will be casually and calmly enjoying my snacks, my little cup of tea, and working in my basement where I planned to be all along!

I would love to hear how everybody is spending their Total Solar Eclipse if they are so lucky to be blanketed by darkness like myself, and explain why they are so excited about this monstrosity. Until next time my friends!

Love Naty


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