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What the flu is going on around here?


Running a small business means you wear every single hat. Creative director, social media marketing, customer service, product development, you name it you wear it. I often wear my denial hat to get through difficult situations. When you are busy making all kinds of major decisions so that you make a little bit of profit you have absolutely zero time to start throwing up.

Two weeks ago I noticed a little tickle in my throat. I thought great, allergies. That afternoon I noticed my brow and upper lip was sweating. I thought...I'm 34, early menopause? By that evening my head was in a vice and I was full on salivating in the bad way every time I blinked too fast. I was absolutely rejecting the thought of me being sick. The worst was yet to come, but I indeed had the flu.

As you might remember from some of my previous blogs, I've been watching a lot of self help videos and reading a lot of books to help offset the dark feelings of depression. I am totally obsessed with Mel Robbins. If you have any kind of social media, once you type in Mel Robbins every self help guru comes up.The more you scroll the more self proclaimed experts appear.

I watched a video of this woman describing how you can battle intrusive thoughts. She said to visualize putting your negative thoughts or feeling inside of a cardboard box, putting it on a conveyer belt, watching that box have a steel door shut as it passes by and then everything behind the door catches on fire. Woah. 

I am committed to all the new information I am receiving to help work past all these sad and lonely feelings I am having. I figured ok, if this can help you change your thought patterns then surely this will work for controlling your ability to toss your cookies. 

I closed my eyes I opened that cardboard box and I just put all my flu and nasty feelings inside of there. There were flames and angry feelings all over the place. I will save you the details but...I just want to confirm that visualizing vomit in a box exploding into flames will in fact make you heave. 

I gave in to my destiny and let this plague take over my body. I took a few days off work, which I thought would literally kill me since I'm the only one making, producing, and creating my items. Turns out I didn't die. I might have lost a bit of money that week but I also realized that I really need to take better care of myself. 

If you run your own small business, are a parent, or even just making it through day by day you need to remember to take care of yourself. The only person looking out for you! If the flu comes there is no psychological magic that will make it go away faster. So drink your liquids and take that vitamin C because the world will keep on turning and when you feel better you will get right back on your feet.

Now that I am back in gear, some new exciting items I have created are for teacher gifts..the people who spend more time with our kids than we do when they go to school. Make sure you show your educators you appreciate them with a small token this Christmas. They are in fact the ones who endure all the coughs, colds and flus that our sticky little humans wipe all over them.

See you soon!

Love Naty



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